Bendigo is a major regional centre situated 150km north west of Melbourne and quite fittingly located in the geographical centre of Victoria. While modern times have seen many country towns fade into obscurity, Bendigo has come into it’s own emerging as a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Bendigo is full of old world class and all the contemporary trimmings, making it an attractive destination for any visitor. Why not pick up a car from Budget Car Hire and spend a good few days exploring the township and surrounding area.

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189 McCrae Street
Bendigo, VIC 3550

In 1851 two farmer’s wives discovered gold in Bendigo Creek and thus began the goldrush. Over time the region extracted around nine billion dollars worth of gold, earning it’s place as one of the wealthiest goldfields in history. Echoes of Bendigo’s gold mining past exist today in many of the buildings and businesses around town. Consider taking a tour of the award winning Central Deborah Gold Mine for an exciting adventure. Here you can drop 228 metres underground in a miner’s cage and gain the full mining experience of yesteryear while learning about Bendigo’s rich and colourful past. All of this just a few short minutes drive from the CBD.

The best way to make the most of all the things to see and do in Bendigo is by car. If you’ve caught the train or coach into town and don’t want to be limited in your sight seeing then consider hiring a vehicle. Budget Car Hire in Bendigo is located on McRae Street, about midway between Rosalind Park and Lake Weeroona. Book through Skedaddle for an excellent deal on your car hire.