Dubbo is a NSW country town situated a few hours drive north-west of Sydney. It is famously known as the home of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Australia’s largest zoo in terms of space and second largest in terms of animals. The zoo is run by the same organisation that runs the world famous Taronga Zoo in Sydney. If you are visiting Dubbo and the Western Plains Zoo you’ll be happy to know that Budget Car Hire have an outlet located in the town so you can see the entire region in the comfort of your own vehicle.

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Darling Street
Dubbo, NSW 2830

The famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo (formerly Western Plains Zoo and colloquially known as the Dubbo Zoo) was opened in 1977 as a home for the larger animals acquired by the then Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales that needed more open roaming space such as African savannah animals like the African Elephant and Antelopes. There are currently 97 different species and 1000 different animals at the zoo, making it the second most populated zoo in Australia, behind it’s sister zoo Taronga in Sydney. Some of the more rare and exotic (and unfortunately generally endangered) animals at the zoo include Black and White Rhinoceros, White-Handed Gibbon, Ruffed Lemur, Siamang, Cape Hunting Dog, Scimitar Oryx and many others.

If you’re planning a visit to Dubbo and/or the Taronga Western Plains Zoo be sure to book a car hire online using the Skedaddle Car Hire comparison tool to get the best price with Budget Car Hire today. The outlet is located in the centre of town, around 4kms from the Western Plains Zoo.