Need to hire a car in Adelaide? Also known as “The City of Churches”, we can help you with finding a suitable car in the South Australian capital. A city that is blessed with beautiful churches, set against the backdrop of some of Australia’s finest vineyards, hosting wineries that have held prestige in the Australian palate for many decades . To get the most out of Adelaide, a car hire is essential. Behind the wheel, you can get from one idyllic Adelaide location to another with ease.

Get out in Adelaide

Adelaide is quaint little city when compared to the other capitals in Australia, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. If you want to be close to the sea, Glenelg is well worth the trip out of town. The locals love an opportunity to get out of the city and to be beachside, there’s also the famous pier where you can take in the view, or maybe just tan on the beach.

You could try coasting around the highways until you reach the Barossa Valley, home to the most gorgeous vineyards. Free tastings of wine and other local specialties abound.

Cityside, you may want to check out the Adelaide markets, they are open everyday and situated smack bang in the CBD area. The markets are fully stocked with fresh South Australian produce. Plenty of famous southern seafood, pie floaters as well local handicrafts.

A neatly planned out city, Adelaide has plenty of convenient parking spaces, so you can jump out of your hire car and explore the city by foot. Of course, if you’re not much of a walker, the easy to navigate roads make for a pleasurable driving experience.

Why not drop into the Adelaide Botanical Gardens? With free admission, the whole family can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and have a look at the native plants South Australia has to offer.