Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, not to be confused with Melbourne’s other airport, Avalon. Tullamarine Airport receives the majority of incoming flights, however Avalon’s flights have been growing in numbers each year and it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a cheaper flight.

Whatever you decide, we will assist in booking a car to pick up from your choice of the two airports, so there’s no need to fret over availability in either location, just remember it’s a longer drive from Avalon to the city. It is also just as important to include your flight details so the supplier will know which terminal you will be arriving.

Opened in the early 70’s, Melbourne’s airport has been servicing flights from all over the country for over 4 decades now. It is the second busiest airport in Australia and a hub for many of the major airlines operating in Australia. The airport handles a huge load of connecting flights to other major airports across the world, with 4 terminals operating to handle the large volume of takeoffs and landings.

Be Entertained

As a visitor to Melbourne, you will no doubt want to hit the city centre, just a short drive from the airport. With the large Crown Casino complex within reach, you may want to have a quick gamble, check out a show or dine in one of the many fine dining options within the complex.

Events All Year Round

Other reasons to pop into Melbourne throughout the year include the Australian Open, the F1 Grand Prix, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Moomba Festival and a cavalcade of other great festivities.

So, whatever time of year, you can find a great event to grab a car hire and explore the southern city.