Gold Coast is a coastal city in Southeast Queensland, Australia. It has a very strong tourist culture and features many fantastic beaches which coined the name of the major hub of the city Surfers Paradise. It is 94 kilometres from Brisbane and stretches south into New South Wales at Tweed Heads. It is the sixth most populated city in the country and the most populated non capital. In addition to its beaches it is also home to a stretch of theme parks. Dreamworld, Seaworld, Movieworld and others adorn stretches of the Pacific Highway attracting local tourists all year round. It is also well known for its man made canal system that link the Nerang and Albert Rivers together and wind through Burleigh Heads and other residential suburbs and provide a European feel to the area. Gold Coast and more specifically Surfers Paradise also features bikini clad meter maids, something that originated in the sixties as government regulation to soften the blow of increased parking regulations and pricing. The meter maids are now privately run. Rent a car through us with any of the major car rental agencies located in the Gold Coast and meet a meter maid on your trip.

So much to do!

The Gold Coast features a subtropical climate and combined with its natural beauty is one of Australia’s most popular tourist cities. It features multiple theme parks including the action-adventure park Dreamworld which features what was once the fastest rollercoaster in the world ‘The Tower of Terror’ as well as Warner Brothers Movie World, a theme park with rides and entertainment themed to film and television projects funded by Warner and its subsidiaries, Seaworld, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. Rent a car online with us for your trip to the Gold Coast. Compare prices with all the car rental companies that service the Gold Coast and enjoy your visit.