Perth Airport has been operating in its current state since 1997. It links to a large number of domestic and international locations and is the biggest airport of its kind on the west coast of Australia. The airport can be found in the suburb now known as ‘Perth Airport’, formerly a part of neighbouring Guildford.

Not Just a Small Airport

Holding the title of 4th busiest airport in Australia, Perth is served by 37 airlines, flying to a total of 77 destinations. Locations you can fly into or out from Perth include: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane within Australia and Singapore, Dubai and Phuket internationally.

The airport is home to three terminals, with each one housing different airlines. One terminal is taken up by QANTAS and Jetstar services, the second is for all other commercial airlines and the third is a special terminal for the needs of Perth’s many ‘fly-in, fly-out’ mine workers.

Get Wheels, So You Can Get Out

If you want to get the most out of your Perth holiday, doing it by road has to be one of the best ways to go about it. With a hire car, you can go almost anywhere, and with so much scenery in the western capital, why wouldn’t you?

The airport is not too far from the city, and you will find most of the major car rental agencies within the terminals, so you can pick and choose your ideal vehicle with us before you arrive. Not too far from Perth you can visit Margaret River, Hyden of The Wheat Belt. All these locations and more are reachable by car.