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4 Safest Ways to Travel with a Dog in a Ute Car

While carrying your furry friend on a road trip might be extremely fun, it comes with some safety concerns. Reports show that thousands of dogs get injured or die during long trips. This is attributed to negligent acts such as throwing the dogs at the back of the truck and assuming everything will be okay. This endangers the dog’s life as well as that of other road users. So for your next family trip, here are some great safety tips for traveling with a dog in a ute.

1. Use Comfortable and Safe Restraints

When traveling, you need to secure your dog with a comfortable and well-fitting restraint. Failure to do that will lead to your dog falling off the back. This is a terrible way of losing your beloved pup. Besides that chains and harnesses should be of the right length. A long rope might still leave room for a fall leading to strangulation, or the dog being dragged along behind your truck. Awful as it sounds, this might happen to your dog unless you secure them at the deck of your ute. Consider consulting with your veterinarian for the right specifications of the rope.

2. Use Custom Dog Cages for Ute

Using an appropriate dog cage is the safest way to travel with a dog in the car. In addition, a custom dog cage provides the much-needed comfort during the journey. It helps prevent your puppy from being tossed around in bends or rough terrain. This keeps your dog from unnecessary injuries and stress. When purchasing a dog cage, ensure that it is of the right size to prevent cramping. The frame should also be firm since loose ones rattle annoyingly. You can also go for premium cages with additional features such as cooling fans and LED lights. These features improve your pet’s comfort, especially during long journeys.

3. Use the Appropriate Tethering Technique

It is imperative to ensure that the lead chain is firmly attached to the neck collar or the dog harness. This will prevent snapping midway through the journey. Pets can become restless and bored if restrained. So, give your dog enough room to comfortably move around. You can do this by tethering them at the centre of the deck. The chain should also have swivels in both ends to prevent entanglement. Note that car harnesses may not be the best option for small puppies or dogs that wriggle a lot. As they play around, they might trap themselves dangerously in the harness.

4. Use Steel Canopy with Dog Cages

Since the deck of the ute is open, your dog is often exposed to dust and solid particles. These elements can harm the dog’s eyes, ears, nose, and lungs. To prevent this, consider cages with aluminium canopy. They provide extra protection against rain and wind. You can also move or secure the dog cage right behind the cabin. Heat is another problem you might encounter when transporting your dog in a Ute. However, the sides should remain open to allow free flow of air within the cage. For metallic cages, it is imperative that you provide a low profile carpet. This will provide a safety barrier between the heated metallic floor and the dog’s paw. During long trips, give your dog water regularly especially if your dog cage isn’t fitted with a custom water point.

These tips will get you and your dog to your destination safe and sound. Other measures boil down to common sense. For instance, removing clutter from the back of the ute when traveling with a dog is the first safety consideration. Tools and other haphazardly-placed equipment might become projectiles when the car is in motion endangering your lovely pet.

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