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6 Tasty Snacks Great for Road Trips

When you’re on the road, snacking, like games of I-Spy and bad sing-alongs, is inevitable. Having something to munch on can alleviate the boredom of long stretches of freeway, can help perk you up if you feel like nodding off, and perhaps most importantly of all, can help keep the kids happy in the back seat.

Plenty of possibilities come to mind when it comes to travel foods, so we’ve rounded up some healthy options that will go down a treat during a road trip.

Nut bars and muesli bars

musli bar

What are they?

A portioned slice of grains, seeds, dried fruit and nuts, muesli bars come in a variety of different flavours and are usually held together with honey, fruit syrup or yoghurt. Think of them as scroggin or trail mix in an easy-to-eat, travel friendly bar.

Why eat them?

Muesli bars pack an energy punch, and provided you choose the right variety—or even make your own—they’re bursting with essential vitamins and minerals, along with plenty of taste as well. Long-lasting and easy to pack, they’re a travel-friendly alternative to fruit. Just watch out for the high sugar content in some commercial brands.

Bananas and citrus fruits

Bunch of bananas and orange

What are they?

Hard-wearing fruit that come in their own biodegradable packaging. Both are packed with vitamins, and offer a quick vitamin boost. Bananas contain plenty of potassium and B-vitamins, while citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids.

Why eat them?

Fruit is always a welcome alternative to the chocolate bars and junk foods that beckon from the shelves of the road-side service stations. One of the benefits of bananas and citrus fruits is that they travel well and can be easily peeled and eaten. Citrus fruits in particular are hardy and will stand up well against the demands of a long road trip. On the other hand, we’ve never met a youngster who’ll turn down a banana.

Rice crackers and popcorn


What are they?

Crispy and tasty, rice crackers and popcorn are the potato chips of the health-conscious world, and are a good option for those who avoid gluten. Mix and match different flavours, and take your pick between home-made or store-bought.

Why eat them?

Available in a variety of different flavours, rice crackers are easy to pack and transport, and store well. Popcorn is full of anti-oxidants, and when air-popped makes for a healthy and satisfying snack. It’s low in calories as well, so you can munch away without having to think about the impact on your waistband.

Travel-friendly milk boxes

milk box

What is it?

Single-portion cartons of long-life milk easily packed and ready to consume if you’re in need of a protein and calcium hit. Travel sized milk boxes can be picked up from your supermarket, and are available in lactose-free varieties. Milk can also be packed in a chilled Esky.

Why drink them?

High in protein and a great source of calcium and good fats, milk makes for a healthy, filling travel food for in between meals. It’s much friendlier on the teeth than fruit boxes or soft drink, and will keep travellers young and old satiated.

Hard-boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs

What are they?

Eggs that have been boiled until their whites and yolks have hardened, making them the perfect bite-sized meal. Hard-boiled eggs last longer with their shells on, but peeling them ahead of time makes for mess-free travelling.

Why eat them?

High in protein, calcium, good fats, and a host of other vitamins and minerals, eggs are a super-food often found in lists of the healthiest foods. They’re great for healthy bones, muscles and eyes, and to seal the deal, they taste great as well. Although hen’s eggs are the most readily available, other varieties of eggs, such as quail or duck eggs, can add a gourmet element to this beloved standby.

Dried fruit

dried fruit

What is it?

Fruit that has had its water content removed through processes such as sun-drying, leaving behind a sweet, long-lasting snack. Popular dried fruits include sultanas, raisins, cranberries, dates, figs, apricots, peaches, apples and pears. Dried fruit is high in sugar, so portion control is recommended.

Why eat it?

Dried fruit is easy to pack and portion, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated or eaten quickly. Because the drying process means that the nutritive value of fruit is maintained, dried fruit is also high in natural vitamins and minerals, and its sweetness makes it a popular pick with young travellers. Dried fruit is also less messy than fresh fruit, making it a good option for road trips.

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