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6 Tips for Car Rental with Kids That’ll Save your Time & Money

If you are a family man or enjoy travelling with kids on long road trips, and wonder if it’s a good idea or not, then this is the article for you. Travelling with kids is fun and a good idea too. It helps in building the bonds between family members and creates beautiful moments that are worth treasuring.

All a parent has to do is be properly informed on details concerning safety and all tools they need on their journey. This article has compiled important tips on what you need to have when booking a rental car with your little one.

1. Choose the Best Option

Before embarking on the journey, first, you must consider how far you are travelling and with how many people. Always go for a car that has enough car seat capacity and also consider the luggage space. Do not be shy about renting a supersize car if you can afford one. Your comfort and that of your little one should always guide you in your car selection.

2. Renting a Child Car Seat

Having a child car seat is a must. Whether you bring one along or consider renting one, always ensure that your child travels comfortably in his seat. When opting to rent, it is advisable to notify your supplier in advance. There are varieties of car seats to choose from, but your child’s age and weight will guide you in picking the most appropriate seat. The most common types of child seats are the infants, child, and booster seat. In some countries, it is recommended by law that your kids ride in a booster seat if they are below 8 years of age.

3. Keep Your Kids Entertained

Depending on the age of your child, you can create fun moments with them by picking good electronic goodies. To beat boredom is the key here. In case your rented car does not have the latest music system devices, you can bring some good travel gadgets with you such as portable DVD players, headphones, and other travel toys. Along the way, make some random stops to buy snacks for your kids, and give them a little time to run around as kids are fond of playing.

4. Check insurance for your rental car.

It is very important to confirm whether the vehicle you rent is insured or not. The safety of your family is extremely important and must not be left to chances. In some countries, renting cars are not insured. This means that renters depend on their personal car insurance, credit cards, or travel insurance to cover them.

5. Parking Fees

Most families with little children incorrectly assume that a car will give them more flexibility in their journey. This might be correct for destinations, but it is not always what happens. Many destinations charge high fees for parking that accumulates to a high figure when you are going to be using a car frequently. If need be, consider using alternative means such as taxi, ride-sharing service, limo, or public transport in cities where it is safe and convenient.

6. Location of Your Rental Agency

Car rental agencies are usually located in different places. When you have a small child, your goal must be to minimize your hustle in getting your car keys. Having a child on board entails travelling with heavy luggage hence it is important to know the exact location of your agency. You can use Google maps in locating them or use information in travel sites about car rental agencies.

For those who love adventures with kids, all you need to be aware of is the above factors. Safety is key and always ensure that your kids are comfortable to avoid boredom and fatigue.

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