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8 Handy Travel Apps

Road Trip Ideas

Australian Road Trips

Australian Road Trips is an app that plots out some of Australia’s best road trip routes for you to follow. It is a much revered and multi award winning app. A must have for backpackers, campers and caravaners. Available on iPhone.


Google Maps

You’re probably quite familiar with Google Maps already but you might not be aware that there is a Google Maps app available for both Android and iPhone. A must have app for anyone who doesn’t want to get lost.

Booking Accommodation


The Wotif.com app allows you to book accommodation right off your smart phone and at the same time get great deals on thousands of accommodation options worldwide. Available on iPhone and Android.

Booking Flights


The Webjet app is the premier iPhone app for booking flights to and from airports around the world. Get the cheapest flights available online with this handy app. Available on iPhone.

Booking Flights and Accommodation


The Expedia app allows you to book flights and accommodation all through the one handy app. Available for iPhone, Windows and Android systems.

Weather Updates


Planning a hike or a day of fishing? Weatherzone’s app gives you the weather forecasts for over 2000 locations in Australia. There is a free version as well as a paid version with extended functionality on both iPhone and Android.

Australian Tourism Opportunities

There’s Nothing Like Australia

This great free app brought to you by Tourism Australia provides detailed information including pictures and video of some of the most iconic locations in Australia including Cairns, Fraser Island, the Whitsundays and Phillip Island. Available on iPhone and Android.

Business Locator


Looking for a restaurant, hotel, mechanic or even a servo in a city you aren’t familiar with. The Yelp app lists local businesses all around Australia with a comprehensive ranking system so you can make sure you eat out at the best place in town. Available on iPhone and Android.

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