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Coober Pedy is famous as a mining town with some of the local houses and businesses located in semi underground dwellings due to the sweltering humidity. There is plenty to see and do in the region with the world famous Opal mining industry being at the centre of most of it. Design wise, Coober Pedy is one of the most unique towns on the planet. If you visit Coober Pedy you can stay in one of the underground hotels, visit any of the underground art galleries, museums and even churches. Budget Car Hire have an outlet situated at the Coober Pedy Airport should you require a car when you visit.

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Coober Pedy Airport

Airport Terminal Coober Pedy, SA 5723

With Opal first discovered in 1915, Coober Pedy quickly became one of the busiest towns in Australia. Ever since it has provided the world with the majority of this precious gemstone. There are numerous tourist opportunities for those interested in Opal including The Desert Cave, The Old Timers Mine, The Big Winch and Tom’s Working Opal Mine among others. Now might be a good time to invest in some real estate in Coober Pedy with the recent discovery of what could be $20 trillion in shale oil in the region so make a stop and scout some investment property.

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