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Classic Road Trips Games

The car is packed, and your kids are safely buckled in their seats. It’s time to begin your road trip adventure. About 10 minutes into the road trip, you begin thinking about either tying your children to the roof of the car or hitchhiking home to get away from all the bickering. Make the trip fun again for your kids by teaching them how to play road trip games instead. Here are some classic road trip game choices that need only creative minds to play.

Alphabet Game 
You can find the letters of the alphabet in road signs, billboards or stores along the way. You must stay with the letter of the alphabet that is next and not skip ahead. The first person in the car that finds enough signs with the letters to complete the alphabet wins the game.

Spelling Bee 

This is a game that is fun and educational. The key to this game is to choose words that are age appropriate to make it fair. When someone spells a word wrong, they’re eliminated. The person who spells all the words correctly wins the game.

License Plates 

This game has many variations. Have your kids announce which state the license plate they spotted is from. The one that spots the most states wins. You can also look for license plates in certain colors, with specific numbers or letters. Make this game even more challenging by choosing the license plate style your passengers have to find.


If you’re on the verge of a nervous break down, play this game. This is a game where kids have to sit still without talking. The kid who is able to sit like a statue the longest wins the game.


Storytelling is a game where someone starts a story with one sentence. The other people in the car take turns adding to it until the story is completed. Make this game more challenging by making it the rule that the lines in the story must rhyme.

Colour Game 

A person in the car is given a colour and a number. For example, you tell a person in the car to find 50 turquoise items during your road trip. Make this game challenging by choosing an unusual colour and a high number. The first person to find the correct amount of objects in their assigned colour wins the game.

Guess the Movie 

A passenger in the car starts this game by describing the plot, characters or unusual facts about their favorite movie or television show. Make the description of your movie or show as vague as possible to make it more challenging for the players. The person who guesses the most titles right wins.

Car Game 

During the road trip, your kids have to try to spot as many yellow buses or convertible cars as possible. You can also choose a specific brand of car. It’s a versatile game with a lot of fun options.

Car Charades 

Kids or other passengers in the car can think up easy words that they can act out sitting down. If there are enough people in the car, you can even divide into teams. This is one travel game the driver shouldn’t participate in.

Radio Game 

Catch a song that is already playing on the radio. Turn down the volume before the song ends. You have to guess the song and the artist who sings it. The person who guesses the most songs correctly wins the game.

Count the Item 

This is a game that is contagious. You can count anything from light poles to cows during your road trip. If you’ve decided to count cows, every time you see a cow during your road trip, yell it out. The person who spots the most items wins.

These road trip games are a wonderful way to bring your family closer, and have some old-fashioned fun during your travels.

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