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6 Fun Games To Play in The Car During A Road Trip with Family

Family road trips can be fun, but the children often get bored. Parents are especially annoyed by children who keep asking how far they are from their destination. To keep your kids engaged throughout the trip, you can consider playing some road trip games. You should mix up the games so that people don’t get bored at any point of the journey. Here are 6 family games to play in the car:

1. Wooden Toy Burr Puzzles 

Wooden toy burr puzzles can keep your kids entertained throughout the road trip. The oldest and best-known wooden toy burr puzzle is the six-piece burr. This particular puzzle is made with six sticks, and to solve it, you will have to arrange the pieces in mutually intersecting pairs.

Burr puzzles can be made from a variety of materials. However, wood is considered the best, especially if you are traveling through a cold or hot region. Wood will not expand or contract significantly, and this means the puzzle will not be interfered with. The different toy burr puzzles have different levels of complexity. You should find one which challenges your children effectively.

2. I Spy With My Little Eye  

This is one of the most popular family road trip games. In this game, one of the players has to note an object in the environment and give the other players a clue. The clue can be the color of the object, the first letter of its name, or any adjective that can describe the object. The other players will then have to guess the name of the object. The item chosen should not be seen only momentarily in a particular point of the trip as that will make it impossible for other players to make a correct guess. The winner will get to choose the next object.

3. Road Trip Bingo 

Road trip bingo is an innovative game that uses printable bingo cards and some pennies. Everyone in the car will get a card with some items that should be spotted on the way. Whenever you spot something on your card, you have to cross it off. Just like in regular bingo, the winner is the person who completes a straight line first.

4. License Plate Alphabet Game

This game is suitable for families with young children. You will have to spot the letters of the alphabet in license plates and note them down in their correct order. If you have older children, you can turn it into a game of spotting double or triple letters. These should still be collected in alphabetical order. Spotting double and triple letters in license plates is more engaging for older children.

5. Rhyming Words 

This is one of the best fun games to play with kids in the car. In this game, you will have to pick a simple word, then everyone will follow by mentioning a rhyming word. Everyone gets five seconds to think of a rhyming word. If they are unable to come up with a rhyming word, they will not participate in the following round. The last person to name a word will pick a starting word for the next round.

6. Don’t Say It 

This is a simple road trip game. You just need to pick some words or phrases that should not be said in the entire trip. To make it more fun, you should pick words which are commonly said in such journeys. Some suggestions include ‘dad’, ‘mom’, the driver’s name, or the names of the stopping points. Anyone who says the words will have to suffer a predetermined penalty. For example, they should not be able to speak for some minutes.


There are many fun games you can play in the car with your kids. They include I Spy, road trip bingo, Don’t Say It, Rhyming Words, and the license plate alphabet game. Wooden puzzle games like wooden toy burr puzzles, checkers game, and snake cube puzzles can also be entertaining on road trips. It is important to make sure everyone understands the rules before the game starts.

This way, everyone will enjoy the game. Also, don’t limit yourself to a single game in the entire road trip. Games like Don’t Say It can comfortably be played along with other games. To complete a family road trip, renting a car from a car hire company is also another thing to consider. It is more comfortable and you don’t need to worry about taking your car to a car care service before or after the trip.

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