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Buy Insurance Right Now! … and Here’s Why.

Why Not?

When travelling foreign countries, particularly by car, you would be remiss to not have some kind of travel insurance. At Skedaddle, we’re not going to lie to you and say you have to, or that it’s illegal not to, you can do it, but in case of an accident you could be in for some hefty bills.

Buy Now!

The best option for you is to buy your insurance right here, and right now. That way, just like us saving you money on your car rental by offering a wide range of solutions, we can do the exact same for your insurance. Our business partner, 1Cover, have been specifically sourced by us because they offer the best cover and the most reasonably priced insurance for most people who hire through us. If you choose to get cover right now, you’re getting the best deal we could source for you, every time.

Buy Later?

Sure you could hold off, wait until you pick up your vehicle and pay for insurance then and there but you will be at the whim of the company you end up renting through. Unfortunately more often than not these guys have vested financial interest in the insurance companies themselves, so the price will never be as good as through 1Cover.

So Do It Now!

Let’s face it. Buying your insurance through 1Cover right now is going to save you money and hassle later down the line. And just like the rest of our “no hassle” car rental service, we apply our credo to insurance too. It’s just another way that Skedaddle ensure that we are the number one car rental service provider online.