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You can find Kangaroo Island about 45 minutes away from the coast of South Australia, by catching a ferry over. On Kangaroo Island there is a selection of car hire agencies to be found, such as: Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, Avis and Europcar, so you should have no trouble having wheels at your disposal if you decide fly over.

How Can You Get On To Kangaroo Island?

Obviously, you can not drive a car hire over from the mainland to Kangaroo Island, so the best thing to do is to catch the ferry. If you’re coming over from a bit further away, it might be an idea to fly into the island’s airport from Adelaide.

What Can You Do On Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island is host to some of Australia’s most beautiful wildlife, aside from its namesake, the kangaroo, visitors can expect to see: koalas, echidnas, wallabies, platypuses, penguins. But that’s just the land critters, if you hit the coast, you might just see sea lions, fur seals and more.

There are some great lookout points, such as Prospect Hill, where you can take in the magnificent views from up top, giving you a panoramic sight of the whole island. There is also Reeves Point, where you can read the information explaining the area’s history, as you piece the past together. So jump in your car hire and get to these beautiful landmark for their breathtaking views.

if you’re the physical type, Kangaroo Island has a plethora of beaches to swim, rocks to climb and scuba spots to dive.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Kangaroo Island, why not book online through us so your car hire will be waiting for you upon arrival. We can sort you out with a top deal and secure the model you want. happy holidaying.