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Liverpool is a suburb in the south-west of Sydney, 32kms from the Sydney CBD. It is technically a city of it’s own, considered a regional city by the New South Wales government’s Sydney Metropolitan Strategy. It is one of the oldest metropolitan suburbs in Australia and was first established as an agricultural hub in 1810 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

During the 1800’s Liverpool became a successful agricultural settlement and was a key tactical location for importing and exporting through the Georges River. It was also a very successful farming region, which in combination with the Georges River port made Liverpool a bustling little town.

During the 1950’s Liverpool was still technically not part of Sydney but the sprawl eventually swallowed it up turning it from a boutique town full of poultry farms and market gardens into a working class outer suburb of Sydney. Housing commission states now present as one of the town’s most notable feature as Liverpool was selected as one of the locations to rehouse low income earners during the inner-Sydney slum clean outs in 1960.


Today Liverpool is a growing urban CBD, and is considered the unofficial capital of Greater Western Sydney. It is a gateway suburb that connects the inner city to the outer suburbs in the Macarthur Region and Penrith vial rail and road. It has a large ethnic population with over 55% of the population of Liverpool born overseas. It features a large Arab population as well as a thriving Bosnian community.

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