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Blacktown is a suburb in the west of Sydney, 34 kilometres from the CBD. It is the largest of any township or suburb in NSW and is one of the most multicultural suburbs in Australia. If you need to book car hire from or near Blacktown, NSW book through Skedaddle to ensure you get the best price, guaranteed.

Historically Blacktown was settled on a thriving area for local indigenous people. Tragically a large percentage of the original inhabitants of the land died from Small Pox and other introduced illnesses. It was one of the earliest settled areas in Australian colonial history, being first settled by white men in 1791 before becoming one of the first locations to have local indigenous people granted land title in 1819 by then Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

It was the site of the relocated Native Institution a school for indigenous kids, that was relocated to the region from Parramatta in 1823. The modern name of the suburb is a reflection of the colloquial, and somewhat racist nickname given to the school.

Things to see and do

Despite being the largest suburb in NSW it is not an entirely exciting place as far as amenities are concerned. It has all basic necessities such as public pools, libraries, shopping complexes and sporting facilities but there is no real stand out attraction. It is however, well known as the location of popular sporting high school Patrician Brothers Blacktown, the school of many future NRL players. Like many other Western Sydney suburbs Rugby League is tremendously popular with the nearby Penrith Panthers being the locals team of choice.

If you require car hire pickup from Blacktown for any purpose there are a number of car hire companies with bases of operation in the town. Book through Skedaddle to ensure you get the best price on car hire through the numerous companies located in Blacktown today.