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Tropical Paradise

Planning a trip to tropical Cairns? We can sort you out with a quality car hire at a cheaper rate by perusing our comparisons. Whether you’re going to explore the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest, we have got a car hire for your needs.

Where Rainforest Meets Reef

A tourist hotspot, Cairns is surrounded by lush rainforest to one side and the world’s largest ocean reef to the other. One popular tourist activity is walking the skyrail, that takes adventurers from one end of the rainforest to another. Whatever your intentions in Cairns, a rental car makes a big difference in what you can and cannot do while holidaying.

Compare Online and Save

With an international airport, it’s easier to get to Cairns now than ever before. Upon arriving at the airport, you’ll see that most major car hire agencies have counters for you to choose from, but you can access the best deals by comparing them online with us.

Explore on 4 Wheels

Depending on where you’re going, you may want a 4WD for your your journeys, these can be arranged for you to pick up in Cairns. There is lots of swampland, rainforest and 4WD-accessible beaches for you to take the rental out on, if that’s the kind of car hire you choose.

Pick Up in Cairns, Drop Off Wherever You Like

If you’re flying into Cairns and want to drive around Australia, you can pick your car hire up in Cairns and drop it off at a depot in another city, such as Sydney or Perth. So, wherever you want to end up, just leave your hire car in the hands of the local depot and you can fly back home.