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Campbelltown is a suburb in the outer south-west of Sydney in the Macarthur region. It is one of the quickest growing areas in Australia and features a dynamic cultural presence. The suburb is well known as the home of the Western Suburbs Magpies Rugby League Club and subsequently Campbelltown Stadium (which is ironically situated in Leumeah and not Campbelltown itself) subsequently serves as one of the home grounds of the NRL side the Wests Tigers. The region in general serves as a rugby league junior catchment area for the club. Quite a few car rental operations have depots in Campbelltown and if you need to rent a car in Campbelltown or nearby then use Skedaddle Car Hire’s comparison service to book the most appropriate vehicle for yourself at the best cost available.

Campbelltown is a historically significant area due to the interactions between the early settlers and the local indigenous population. The Tharawal people were the pre settlement landholders. Upon the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney a small number of cattle escaped from a settlement and were not seen for many years. The Tharawal people, who lived reasonably peacefully with the English colonials, had actually noticed the cattle and painted pictures of them in a local cave. They told the English settlers about the cattle who then located a grazing herd of around 60. Despite the wishes of the powers that be, settlers that wanted to establish grazing land for sheep were given title of the land and at first lived reasonably peacefully with the Tharawal people. Due to a drought the nearby Gandangara people sought out better land and settled in Tharawal country which led to issues between the Gandangara and the English. To settle the conflict the ruling authority established a town, then known as Campbell-Town to bring some order to the area.

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