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Ayers Rock Airport (also known as Connellan Airport) is located near Yulara, 20 minutes drive from Uluru. The closest major town, Alice Springs, is a good 5 hours away. When touching down at Ayers Rock Airport, you will be satisfied with the selection of car rental companies on offer. Familiar brands such as: Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, Avis and Europcar will be available for you to select and rent the car that you want.

Why Do People Fly to Ayers Rock Airport?

Most travellers who make their way to Ayers Rock Airport, are doing so for the sake of catching a glimpse of the famous red rock, Uluru. There is also the lesser known, but equally as interesting Kata Tjuta. So, Ayers Rock Airport is a destination for those really seeking to get up close and personal with Australia’s red centre, and a car rental is the perfect accompaniment to a flight there. With a good car rental, you will be able to see so much more than the standard tourist, crossing the desert from one idyllic national park to the next.

How Accessible is Ayers Rock Airport?

Only a few commercial airliners frequent the airport, with Qantas, QantasLink and Virgin offering up the most flights. There are, however, many chartered trips to the area, so if you need more flexible terms, perhaps you should enquire with one of those flight operators.

How Do I Get to Ayers Rock Airport, Then?

You can fly in direct from Sydney, Cairns and Alice Springs. Perth flights are still operating, but are limited. If you’re planning to come from places such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide, it’s advisable to catch a connecting flight. Check out our selection of available car rentals at Ayers Rock Airport and we can have a car rental ready for you to pick up as soon as you land.