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Coffs Harbour, a seaside city on the mid north coast of NSW roughly 500 kms south of Brisbane and 700 kms north of Sydney, is serviced by a regional airport located on Hogbin Drive between Sawtell and Coffs Harbour. The airport offers flights daily to and from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is the 22nd busiest airport in Australia.

Famous for fruit

Coffs Harbour is famous for its banana culture, especially the Big Banana tourist park. The Big Banana features rides and attractions related to the banana growing aspect of Coffs Harbour. Other attractions include The Butterfly House, Muttonbird Island, The Jetty and an immeasurable natural beauty. It is the place where the Great Dividing Range is closest to the ocean, only about 20 kms away in fact. Coffs Harbour Airport is serviced by multiple car rental companies. Compare prices online with us for car rental right now.

The Harbour itself is set off by the huge jetty that protrudes from its centre. On one side sits the wondrous Muttonbird Island, home to thousands of Muttonbirds and featuring a walking track for you to see these fuzzy little avians. On the other side is Gallows Headland and the South Wall where you can go to see huge open seas crashing into the land and get the full experience of mother nature at her most awe inspiring. When you book your trip to Coffs Harbour, book a rental car online with us to get the most out of your trip. With so much to see and do and so many other places around the mid north coast just screaming out for you to see car rental is the best way to do this.