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Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory is the gateway to the tropics and the famous Kakadu National Park. If hitting the dirt trail is your cup of tea you will love Darwin. See wild crocodiles, but not too close. Go fishing for Australia most famous sport fish, the iconic Barramundi. Camp in unspoiled national parks and drive along the most scenic beaches you can ever wish to see. Rent a car through us to see it all and get the best deal through any number of the major car rental companies that service Darwin and its surrounds.

Kakadu National Park

Located 2 hours southeast of Darwin is Australia’s largest and most famous national park, Kakadu. Kakadu is the size of Slovenia, and has so much to see. Featuring over 5000 sites of ancient aboriginal artwork it is renowned for its rich aboriginal heritage. It features over 280 species of birds, 50 freshwater species, 60 mammals and 10 000 species of insect. Roughly half of the national park is owned by the traditional indigenous custodians and 500 aboriginals live in Kakadu itself, many of whom are traditional owners of the land. It is a truly amazing place to drive through so rent a car online with us and spend some time exploring the rugged wilderness of Kakadu.

Getting to Darwin

Darwin is accessible by road from Brisbane and Adelaide but the trip is long and the roads are rough. Darwin airport features flights to and from every major city in Australia as well as a select few locations overseas including Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. It is best to travel to Darwin via airline and rent a car to travel around.