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Different Things To See and Do In Hobart!

Hobart, Australia is an incredibly popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of people each year. Many people call Hobart their home and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and energy that surrounds the area. After you rent a car, you might be wondering what there is to see and do in this amazing area. By finding some key places to visit, you are sure to have a holiday that you won’t soon forget.


When visiting Hobart, one of the first things you will notice is the amount of museums that the area offers. One of the most popular museums is the Museum of Old and New Art that is located right in the heart of Tasmania. This beautiful museum is so popular because it has a variety of both new and old art for you to enjoy. You can see pieces from hundreds of years ago as well as modern pieces that are created by the artists of today.

Another beautiful museum to check out in Hobart would be the Tasmanian Transport Museum. This location sports a variety of older vehicles that will catch the eye of any enthusiast. See a variety of older cars as well as trains that are on display at this gorgeous location. Be sure to remember that most of the Hobart museums do have a fee if you want to be able to get in and make use of the things that they offer.

Zoos and Wildlife

Next, be sure to take your car rental vehicle to a variety of the zoos and wildlife centers that are native to the area. One such zoo would be the ZooDoo Wildlife Park located in Hobart. This zoo is a wonderful safari ride right among some of the most beautiful animals you’ve ever seen. Most people who are visiting the area tend to go to this zoo simply because of how interactive it is. The Hobart Zoo is another key location that is sure to make any day amazing for both adults and children. There are a variety of animals to be seen at the zoo, so be sure to stop here while you’re visiting the area.

Along with some of the zoos and wildlife centers in Hobart, there is also the Hobart Aquatic Centre that is specifically designed for individuals who love sea life. You can see some gorgeous fish and other aquatic life when visiting this place. Most tourists who come to Tasmania have a tendency to check out the zoos and wildlife centers that are here.

Renting a Car to See Everything

Car hire allows you to easily get to any of these amazing locations in just a matter of a few minutes. Most of these zoos, museums and wildlife centers are in the heart of Hobart, but it is much easier to be able to drive to everything to get there a lot quicker. Be sure to bring your camera along for the ride when checking out some of these locations.

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