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MKR Chef Manu Cops a $762 Fine

Normally when I think about celebrities getting fined, I think of LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) drunk driving or Paris Hilton being reckless. Not a much loved celebrity chef. Manu Feildel of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ fame was fined on Friday for not displaying his ‘L’ plates, and being unaccompanied whilst driving.

A man about town…

After a driving lesson with a female friend Manu ‘man about town’ Feildel, decided to run some errands, including stopping at the post office and hardware store. Manu, was just about to jump in his car and take of when someone from the media questioned his license status. Immediately decided to catch a cab instead. Police have handed a fine to Manu as he confessed to driving illegally.

Manu Commented “No excuses. I take full responsibility for my silly actions and I will accept whatever punishment that may be handed down to me.”

Remember drivers, Double Demerits and Double Fines during the Australia Day long weekend. This started on the 25th and will run through until the 28th of January.


Do learner drivers even have points on their licence? It’s possible that Manu might get a short suspension.

Have a Great Australia day!

-The Skedaddle Team

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