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Road Trip Tips to Prevent Leg, Foot, and Knee Pain While Driving

Road trips are a great way to relax and have fun. After a monotonous routine, you can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the road. However, foot pain while driving can ruin the mood. Feeling some discomfort on long drives is quite common. You may experience back pains, foot pain, and muscle cramps. All these discomforts are preventable. Here are some fantastic tips to prevent leg, foot and knee pain while driving:

Make Frequent Stops

How often should you stop on a road trip? Well, that depends on how long you will be on the road. Take a break every 2-3 hours to rest. Pit stops give you an opportunity to take a walk and stretch. Walking around or even jumping will ease the stiffness in your muscles and relieve pain. You should avoid long road trips or break them up. Booking a hotel to stay the night along the way gives you enough time to rest before continuing your journey.

Stretch Out

Sitting can cause leg cramps and stiffness. Before beginning your road trip do some exercises. During your pit stops stretch yourself to keep your body limber. A few stretches will keep your blood circulating and energise your body. Hip flexor stretch and standing hamstring stretch will prevent foot pain when driving.

Utilise Cruise Control

While driving, make use of cruise control. If your foot stays on the accelerator pedal, it will increase discomfort on your knee. Cruise mode doesn’t require bending of your knee. Also, you will get some time to stretch your legs when you are on an open road.

Check Your Posture

The key to having a pain free road trip is paying attention to your posture. Sitting for long periods can strain your back. To ease discomfort, ensure you sit with your back and shoulders straight. Cars with lumbar support need adjustment to support your spine. A pillow or rolled towel can provide similar support. Your feet should rest on the footrest to avoid foot arch pain. Adjust the car seat to avoid straining your back when reaching for the steering wheel. The height of the car seat should be comfortable for easy visibility of the road. The appropriate height puts your hip joint and your knees at the same level.

Use Knee Braces

We often assume that knee braces are for people with knee injuries and arthritis. However, there are many types of knee braces each designed to serve a specific function. To avoid knee pain when driving, get yourself knee braces. They provide support to your leg muscles in addition to relieving pain. Knee pain can prevent you from maintaining a good posture. However, knee braces support your weak ligaments thereby keeping your posture upright. Your podiatrist can recommend the best knee braces for your needs. Knee sleeves are a popular form of knee support found in drug stores. Technically, they aren’t braces, but they serve the same purpose.

To avoid leg, foot, and knee problems ensure you visit your podiatrist regularly. Often knee and foot pains are a sign of an underlying issue. Also take care of your legs by wearing the right shoes, eating healthy and exercising. If you experience pain during your road trip, an ice pack will ease the pain. You can also massage the area with hot packs. However, if there are inflammation ice packs will be more effective.

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