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How to Rent an Awesome Ride For Your Wedding


The most unforgettable time of the groom and the bride’s life is the wedding day. They would want everything to be perfect on that day. One of the most important things to consider is the mode of transport. Most people spend months before the wedding deciding on what type of car they will want. If you also are unsure about all of this, read this guide to find out more about renting your dream ride for the wedding day.

Choosing your Ideal Wedding Cars 


The car that you choose to arrive and leave in, should be an eye catcher and impress the audience. Not only should you feel good entering and leaving it but it should also provide a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Furthermore, it should be the source of the most exciting moment for a couple

  • Vintage Wedding Cars

The notion that the most elegant car to a wedding should be a limo or a luxury wedding car is misleading. You should be open minded. The choices available ranges from SUVs, classic cars, convertibles, offbeat muscle cars to the much-love kombi.  

If you are willing to make a statement with something quirky, then a vintage wedding car should be your choice. You can pick a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, a 1960s Ford Mustang or Kombi Frolics Vintage Volkswagen. You can also go for a Corvette convertible depending on your choice. If you are also looking to make the 18th-century entrance, services for classic car hire in Brisbane or in other areas are numerous.

  • Modern Wedding Cars

If you are looking for a modern wedding car, for instance, an exotic sports car there are endless choices that you can pick. You can go for a car such as Lamborghini Gallardo that is brightly colored or you can go for a British elegance themed entrance with a white Aston Martin.

  • Luxury Wedding Cars

In some cases, you might plan to travel with the bridal party. In such a case you need to consider a larger car such as an SUV. You can use luxury wedding cars such as Navigators or a brightly colored classic hummer among many other options. You can also use a bus with some added decoration.

Considering the Cost to Hire Wedding Cars 


There are many factors that will determine the cost to hire a wedding car. First, what is your planned budget for this particular task? Make sure you work within your budget to prevent overspending on one area. Second, the type of car that you choose will determine the rental price.

  • Comparing the Cost

Generally, vintage cars are more costly than the modern wedding cars that are the recent models. Also, the luxurious wedding cars are less cheap than the vintage one. It is not always the case though. For example, a 2019 Phantom Rolls Royce will cost you about A$250 per hour while there are still other older models that will only cost you about A$200.

  • Thinking about Time and Distance

Time and distance are also other factors to consider. The estimated time by most rental is three hours in which you will be picked and left at the entrance. Some rentals will rent you the car for the whole day. As a rule the longer the time the more the money. On distance, some companies will give you a maximum of 40 miles from their location and after each additional mileage, you add more money.

If you are looking to rent more cars, the cost will be higher. In most cases, hire companies will rent the vehicles as a package and in the process, they will factor in the discount. If you want to hire more than one car then discuss it with the vendors.

Wedding Cars Decorations 


After hiring a car it is also important to have it looking at the occasion. The type of car and the color you choose can’t be changed during the wedding day. However, you can add some decorations with the help of your wedding planner. You can also ask the wedding planner to outsource for some more if they are not enough.

In some cases, the couple wishes to have a personalised number plate. Don’t remove your preferred number plates before consulting. Ensure that you ask for permission for change of number plates from the car provider. The number plates will also cost you extra.

Final Words

When choosing a classic wedding car before the wedding day it is important that review the reputation of the hire company. Also, plan well and book the car that you want early before the planned wedding.

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