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Townsville is a scenic, fast growing city situated on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. It is well known as a launching spot from which to see the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest ecosystem and reef system. Townsville has a tropical climate and is generally warm all year round making it a fantastic tourist destination. Townsville is Australia’s largest city north of the Sunshine Coast with a permanent population of around 185,000 people. It is a fantastic place to rent a car as it has so much nearby to see and do. Rent a car online with us to get the best deal on car rentals in Townsville to experience the amazing nearby tourist destinations and wilderness.

What to do?

Townsville features many tourist attractions. Townsville’s famous ‘The Strand’ is a beach and garden park that features a saltwater lagoon, a water park, a jetty and many fabulous eateries. It also features many festivals and events including monthly night markets. Reef HQ is the world’s largest coral reef aquarium and is a microcosm of the Great Barrier Reef and its species. It features 130 species of coral, 120 species of fish and hundreds of species of other reef species.

Near to Townsville is the wondrous Magnetic Island, situated in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, a hotspot for recreational angling. It features a large population of popular sport fish including Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi and many more reef species. It is accessible by ferry from Townsville and is considered a suburb. It features many resorts that cater to tourists all year round. Rent a car in Townsville and treat yourself to a trip to Magnetic Island to experience the amazing island for yourself.